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Angular Ball Joint Assembly
Angular Ball Joint Assembly

Angular Ball Joint Assembly is manufactured from EN1A / EN1A(L)/ EN8 / S.S.303. It is widely used for transmitting linear motion to angular displacement or rotational motion.

Grease Nipple

Hydraulic Grease Nipples are manufactured from bright steel bars EN1AL as per IS 4009 – 1967 & also as per DIN – 71412. Grease Nipples are widely used in automobiles...


Linkages are a specialized type of Ballend assembly with different construction and fixed movement as required in agriculture implements and machinery and specialized mechanics.


CHAMP ENGINEERING WORKS have developed manufacturing Regular Type Yokes and Round Type Yokes as per customer specifications and in different sizes.


Fork Heads are manufactured as per DIN standards from high quality steel such as EN1AL / EN-8 / SS303 and also as per customer requirements of special clevis pin hole.

Benjo Bolt

In other items we have developed manufacturing Banjo Bolts for fuel injection as per IS12831 or customer specifications and in different sizes from M6 to M16.


CHAMP ENGINEERING WORKS was established in early 1981 as a Manufacturer of Precision Auto Components and Hydraulic Grease Nipples. Since then with dedicated team of engineers, skilled workers and with our core competence we have achieved new dimensions in developing products such as Angular Ball Joint Assembly (DIN 71802) with Internal Lock - Snap Ring with positive External Lock - Safety Catch, Self Locking Ball Joint Assembly, Linkages, Yokes, for accelerator/clutch/gear cable ends and many other products demanding production of precision turned parts and assemblies of the high quality!

All Our Products are Manufactured keeping in view the ever increasing demands for components to withstand high performance with competitive cost and longer durability.
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